SGT Private Security, Inc. was formed around the central belief that a happy security officer makes the best security officer. “People First”simply means that we place the well-being of  the fellow human beings we encounter before all else. This philosophy is present in our  interactions with clients, tenants, security officers and even the homeless that often  encounter while on patrol. Simply put, we treat all people with respect, integrity and kindness no matter the situation.

Amazing customer service only comes from happy and engaged team members who meet the client’s needs where they are. Whether you prefer to communicate via email, text message, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we engage on all platforms and reply promptly. When you choose SGT, our communications will be clarified and understood, then executed on your timeline from our 24‐hour Security Operations Center. Each client is assigned an Account Manager who is dedicated to client satisfaction.

You won’t find another security company as committed to providing high quality customer service and you’ll never find a more passionate security team in all of the Bay Area.

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  • – Realtime GPS tracking of all officers and vehicles.
    – Notifications for incomplete checkpoint tours.
    – Alerts for late or inactive officers.
  • Reporting
    – Digital PDFs with full HD color photos.
    – Realtime incident reports via web portal and email.
    – Body cameras and dash cameras provide peace of mind.
  • Operations
    – 24‐hour call, email and dispatch center.
    – 24‐hour on‐duty management.
    – Mobile vehicle alarm response and courtesy patrol service.

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Why Use Us

“You will always feel appreciated and important at SGT. Whatever physical security challenge you encounter, we are here to help!” ‐ Asiel Van Cleave, CEO

We provide high quality commercial security guard services to property managers and businesses, providing the peace of mind they need to focus on the success of their organizations.


We hire high quality guards, providing them with the tools, resources and training they need  to provide the highest level of support to our clients. Our experienced Team Leaders are poised and ready to provide support to ensure the success of our partnership. Our transparent pricing allows you to have direct control over your assigned officer’s compensation.


SGT stands for “Security Guard Team” because we believe that teamwork is critical to the success of our partnerships. We treat everyone with the utmost respect, approaching every scenario with positivity and teamwork. We love the important work we do, and value our client relationships. Most importantly, we value our security officers and their work environment. We believe work should be fun, positive and safe for expression.


We do what we say we will do. All SGT team members are required to sign a pledge to never be dishonest. Good or bad, we will always present the facts as witnessed by our officers or  uncovered by investigation of our Team Leaders. Trust is a critical component of our team.

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