hourly security services company 4Hourly Security involves assigning a dedicated Security Professional to your site on a permanent schedule. This Security Officer will seamlessly integrate into your workforce and become an integral part of your company. We understand that customer service is a crucial aspect of our industry, which is why we ensure that every officer receives comprehensive training in this field from the very beginning. At SGT, we pride ourselves on our highly trained and adaptable security workforce, capable of efficiently handling diverse site requirements.

hourly security services company 4Tech Companies

SGT Private Security is proud to be entrusted with the security of some of the most prestigious tech sites in Silicon Valley. Ensuring safety and professionalism is our top priority at all times, and we strictly adhere to our client’s specific guidelines. This may mean establishing NDAs to implement, Employee scans exiting/entering Black Sites, and maintaining employee badging.

hourly security services company 4

Shopping Centers

Increased crime in shopping areas has led to new tactics for Police and Security Officers. Vehicle break ins are at an all-time high across the Bay Area. With the most state of the art accountability software, we keep our officers alert and moving. Along with vehicle patrols from our large mobile patrol service, we lock down our shopping centers from the would-be criminals.

Residential Condominiums

Regardless of who we are interacting with, we prioritize treating everyone with respect and maintaining a high level of professionalism. Ensuring the safety of our client’s home, parcels, or simply greeting them is of utmost importance to us. Our Security Officers are an extension of your Property Management team by helping ensure elevator inspections are current and displayed, fire extinguishers are routinely checked, and all evacuation routes are up to date.

hourly security services company 4Commercial Real Estate

Given our convenient corporate office location just minutes away from the heart of Silicon Valley, it comes as no surprise that commercial properties comprise over 60% of our growing client base. We prioritize making our clients’ employees feel that their security is our top priority. Providing a warm and friendly welcome by opening doors with polite greetings can greatly contribute to enhancing people’s sense of security and well-being. We ensure that every entry point is thoroughly checked throughout each shift. Unlocked doors can grant unauthorized individuals access to a client’s workplace. We are committed to taking all necessary measures to ensure the security of your building at all times.

If you have any queries or would like a complimentary assessment of your property, simply head over to our “Contact Us” page and complete the form. We would be pleased to assist you in navigating the security choices you’re confronted with.