In the past, ensuring accountability in the security industry has been a challenge. However, we have now overcome those obstacles. You no longer need to worry about whether the guards are conducting their patrols. Using TrackTik, we have the capability to monitor our officers in real time. We not only have the capability to monitor the patrols by their GPS location, but we also ensure that our officers receive detailed instructions with accompanying pictures at the beginning of every shift through push notifications. If there is a missed or incorrect patrol, our dispatch center will be promptly notified. You have the ability to provide new instructions to our officers at any time, and these instructions will be displayed during their next patrol.

security guard tracking

  • – Realtime GPS tracking of all officers and vehicles.
    – Notifications for incomplete checkpoint tours.
    – Alerts for late or inactive officers.
  • Reporting
    – Digital PDFs with full HD color photos.
    – Realtime incident reports via web portal and email.
    – Body cameras and dash cameras provide peace of mind.
  • Operations
    – 24‐hour call, email and dispatch center.
    – 24‐hour on‐duty management.
    – Mobile vehicle alarm response and courtesy patrol service.